Businesses and individuals can become involved in bankruptcy cases whether they want to or not, without even owing money.

If a customer, tenant or other person has filed for bankruptcy and owes you money, you have a problem.

If a Bankruptcy Trustee has contacted you about payment from a person who is now in bankruptcy, you have a problem.

If your former or soon to be former spouse has filed for bankruptcy and owes you money you have a problem.

If the person who injured you in a car accident has filed for bankruptcy you have a problem.

We have solutions.

Our firm has significant experience in dealing with the many ways in which non-debtors can be forced to interact with the Bankruptcy system.  Creditors need to take particular care in dealing with bankrupt debtors so as to protect their interests while avoiding violating the rights of the Debtor, which can have significant penalties.  In some cases, the bankruptcy system can add insult to the injury of not getting paid when a Trustee comes calling, asking for money that you were paid and SPENT months ago.

When dealing with these issues, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Our experienced attorney can help you negotiate the complexities of the bankruptcy system to resolve these issues and mitigate the risks of not complying with the bankruptcy code.

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