Facing Foreclosure is Scary - We Can Help!

You put your heart, soul, and money into your home and now the mortgage company wants to foreclose and take it all away.  Whether you have just gotten a warning letter about missed payments, received a summons or had a judgment entered – it’s not too late!!!  Now is the time to CONTACT our experienced attorney to discuss your options to stop the foreclosure process and save your home.

It may not be too late to save your home

The bankruptcy system contains a variety of tools that our experienced New York and New Jersey licensed attorneys can use to save your home.  You may be able to fix the arrears over a period of time, or use the time to get a loan modification, if you qualify.  Time, however, is NOT on your side.  Every day you wait, the back payments grow.  Now is the time to set an appointment to speak with our attorney.  We are available via video conference or telephone for your safety.

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