Buying and Selling Residential Real Estate is Easier with an Experienced Attorney

Buying and selling residential real estate is stressful for both buyer and sellers.  An experienced attorney takes away that stress and lets both sides move to a successful closing.  For sellers – its peace of mind that the transaction will close smoothly, for buyers its the excitement of a new home and new dreams.

For Sellers

Sellers of real property need an attorney to properly review the contract of sale, negotiate credits and offsets, review title and prepare closing documents.  Title companies often say they can handle this for you, but when something goes wrong they can’t do anything.  A licensed and experienced attorney can help you navigate the pitfalls of a real estate transaction to get your property sold.  Contact us today to get your property sale concluded the right way.

For Buyers

Buying a home is a tremendous investment, both of time and money.  Buyers of residential real estate need experienced counsel whether its your first time purchase, a summer home, or your dream home.  Our experienced attorney will help you get your contract right, make sure that necessary repairs are required to make the property safe for you and your family, and shepherd you through the most complex transaction you will ever go through.  Contact us today to help you by the home of your dreams without it becoming a nightmare.

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