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Seeking guardianship for a disabled adult – why do it?  Who needs it?  There are many scenarios that would lead to seeking to be the guardian of a disabled adult  The most obvious would be a child with a limiting disability or condition that prevents them from functioning as an adult who is now turning 18.  An elderly parent, sibling or other relative who never got around to doing a power of attorney who is now sufficiently impaired that they no longer can do so, but needs help.  A young adult who didn’t plan ahead because they were young, and some tragedy strikes that leaves that person unable to care for themselves and without the ability to make decisions.  All of these could require the imposition of a guardianship.

I’m going to change the tone of this page.  Choosing to get a guardianship for your loved one can be gut-wrenching.  I know this personally because my daughter is severely impaired and will never be able to function on her own.  I have chosen to enter this practice area to help other families care for their loved ones and have the legal power to make the hard decisions and do what families do when needed.

  • I know the process to get the guardianship papers filed and processed.
  • I know the personnel at the court.
  • I can take you from start to finish efficiently and minimize the strain of a stressful situation.

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