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Special Needs Children Become Special Needs Adults

Your children with special needs will become adults with special needs. At age 18 your rights as a parent terminate and their rights as adults take over, even if they lack the ability to understand or exercise those rights. That means that unless steps are taken to preserve your rights to act as you must in their own interest, you will be excluded from educational, medical and any other discussions relating to your child.

A guardianship proceeding can allow a parent of a special needs adult to continue to protect their child and help them throughout their adult life. It allows you to act as you always have. We represent clients in all New Jersey counties in obtaining guardianship over their special needs children.

Declining Capacity Can Require Intervention

Adults who have always cared for themselves can require guardianship when their mental or physical capacity declines. Once this happens it may be too late to get power of attorney. If your loved one is no longer able to make important personal and financial decisions due to a decline of this nature, a guardianship may be the only choice.

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